Project o3, LLC.

Visual Insights : Logo, Stationary System & Folder

Project Objective

This web performance analytics company needed a logo to reflect their business direction as a new start-up. The company wanted a logo that would differentiate them from their competition and make a lasting impression. They requested a unique, strong mark that matched the leading edge signature of their high-tech products.

The Solution

The inspiration began with the idea that Visual Insights’ software allows the user to take a “snapshot” of time in website traffic data and see who was there and how they interacted with the site.

The eye represents the visual nature of the software with its ground breaking 3D charts that make data visual. A reference to a camera shutter is also included in the logo to communicate the visual snapshot idea. Since the competition was using more conservative colors of red, blue, and yellow, this logo features bolder colors to set the logo apart. The brand color palette is carried over to the stationery system, as well, with the bold use of colors like orange and purple.

Visual Insights

Corparate Identity : Logo, Stationary System & Folder